Who We Are

Alliance Food Security Holdings LLC

AFSH is a group of global partners and forage experts with over 300 years of combined experience, working together to form the world’s premier, sustainable forage supply chain for food producers and food security programs.

We are a focused, professional organization specializing in supply chain management, purchasing, processing, marketing, and sales of containerized forage and animal feed. The AFSH product portfolio includes forage, roughage, and containerized feed commodities. AFSH provides end-to-end business solutions in the form of
“farm-to-client” through procurement, processing, storage, logistics, sales, marketing, and nutritional support.

“Feeding the World, for a sustainable future”

Our Story

Bringing the Best People Together to Serve All Global Customers

With global subsidiaries and partners having in-depth knowledge in the animal feed industry since 1978, AFSH is positioned to create a fully integrated animal feed and forage supply chain together with exquisite sales and customer service.

Our key management team is formed by with The Gombos family and industry experts, pioneers in creating and expanding advanced food and agricultural supply chains. Our family legacy experience combined with the most experienced worldwide agribusiness management professionals and the best talent, drives collaborative innovation delivering what our customers need, today and tomorrow.

Our global support, sales and customer service teams are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our Mission

Our company is focused on building long-term, relationship-based forage and feed supply chains around the world. We are committed to supporting the growing global dairy and livestock industries.


Nick Gombos, a visionary leader and CEO of Alliance Food Security Holdings LLC, brings his family experience and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to the table. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Nick is dedicated to driving the company forward, upholding its legacy, and ensuring customer satisfaction at every turn.

Nicholas J Gombos


Our Footprint


Office 404,

Silver Wave Tower, Meena Road,

Abu Dhabi, UAE